To start the masternode, you must follow the indicated steps and enter the requested data. The system will automatically set up your hot wallet and generate a command for launching a masternode on a local (cold) wallet. After executing the command, all charges from the work of the masternode will come to your local wallet.

The service is under testing,
there may be slight delays in work.

Step 1.
We rent any VPS server that meets the following parameters:

  • Dedicated IPv4 address;
  • Operating system 64-bit Ubuntu ;
  • Open root SSH access on port 22;
Alternatively, you can use the service VULTR , server, cost $3,5 per month, completely suitable for launching a masternode, it does not require any additional settings.

Step 2.

  • Download and install the local BeeNode coin wallet to your local machine from GitHub ;
  • After launching the wallet on the local computer, in the "Tools" menu, find the "Debug Console" submenu and open this console;
  • In the console, we need to create 2 addresses wallet, twice by executing the command:
     getnewaddress account 
    "account" is a name that you yourself will think to this wallet, later you will be able to control the accruals of coins by the "name" of this wallet;

Step 3.
In this step, you need to send a 1001 BeeNode coin to the wallet address "number 1" , sending coins can be carried out both inside your wallet and from an "external" source, for example from an exchange where you purchased your coins.

Step 4.
Having approached this step, you should already have formed:

  • Dedicated server IP;
  • Password for root account;
  • Wallet address "number 1";
  • Wallet address "number 2";
  • Wallet "number 1" must have 1001 BeeNode coins;
Now you are ready to fill out the form below and the system will automatically perform all the necessary settings on your VPS server. You will only have to receive a generated command of the form by e-mail:
 protx register_fund BFYpsU2UTFsuRBjmYuZewktrYEudApbTDy B6ikytdzDtDWgvBKJFTjpyEXP3p1TeukNw 0b4d621f56a5e46c34a6967d9c4c15395e1f20004219e13f09bff77928bf691126624943e5b8127f3f0e7cda90426682 B6ikytdzDtDWgvBKJFTjpyEXP3p1TeukNw 0 BFYpsU2UTFsuRBjmYuZewktrYEudApbTDy 
paste it into the "Debug Console" and thereby issue a command to launch your masternode.
It takes time to complete the server settings, so the final startup command will be sent by email.

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