Welcome to CryptoShock

Your guide to the world of cryptocurrency.
Do not miss your chance to become a successful and wealthy person.

The task of the project is to simplify earnings on cryptocurrency as much as possible.

Personal account

All interaction with the project is carried out through a convenient «Personal account».

Referral program, promotions, tasks

We value and encourage active participation in the development and promotion of the project.

The whole palette of payment systems

Any bank, any payment system can be added at the request of the user.

Lack of own commissions

The project does not impose a commission on operations for participants.

There are no «freeze» and restrictions.

Each participant himself determines the time and amount of participation in the project.

Maximum support

In case of difficulties, you can always ask for support.

If you are currently a member of another project, then reading these benefits, ask yourself: "And I have the same now?"
If you are only invited somewhere, then the question should be: "Do they offer me such conditions?"


You can receive similar income without financial participation in the project, on your computer, simply using the knowledge that the CryptoShock project offers.


You yourself determine where and how to store funds and where and how the profit earned from participating in the project will be accrued.


All operations with the coin are displayed in the official blockchain explorer, you no longer need to "believe in the word" or the numbers drawn on the computer screen.


It is not a pyramid, because not limited to the circle of participants in this project. Anyone can make money in the same way with the project participants on their own computer.


Passive income on masternodes, active income on shares, tasks and a referral program, bonus - passive growth of assets on the course. No model is required.


Real altcoin. Created according to all the canon of blockchain technology. The algorithm for issuing new coins is prescribed at the time of creation. The source code is completely open and accessible for anyone to study.

Installing a masternode allows any participant to receive passive income.

Current masternode profitability from


per month

  • Profitability is calculated in real time according to the actual accruals on the masternodes installed in the project.

Earned by the masternode participants.



  • The actual amount earned by the participants in the masternode service. Data is provided in real time.

The cost of a security deposit for the installation of a masternode is 1000 BNODE.
Coins continue to belong to the participant and can be withdrawn or sold at any time.

Endless accruals to masternode will be an income to the inviter.

First level

  • Participants invited directly by you.

Second level

  • Participants invited by those whom you personally invited.

For participants who are actively earning money on an invitation, a “Masternode Security Deposit Lease Rental Service” has been created, which allows you to rent Beenode coins for a period of 1 month so that the new participant can see for himself how the project works.

Invitations to the project can be profitable.

First level

  • Participants invited directly by you.

Second level

  • Participants invited by those whom you personally invited.

Third level

  • Members invited by your second level.

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