Long-term investment vehicle for serious capital owners.

Are you interested in the topic of cryptocurrency, have free funds, are you ready to invest in a digital asset that your great-grandchildren can use?

Congratulations, your search has been successfully completed. You have found exactly what you were looking for and we are ready to prove it to you.

What is the use of cryptocurrency:

You can admit or not believe in the prospects of cryptocurrency, but it will develop and only you decide whether or not to join new technologies.

Leveraging future technologies

Keep up with the times without prior knowledge and experience in this area. No age restrictions at all.

Capital preservation and growth

The mastrnode technology allows you to have a permanent, passive and guaranteed income.

Complete lack of control over your funds

You and only you control and determine the fate of your capital.

Independent of government and borders

Cryptocurrency technology blurs boundaries, it only needs an internet connection to use it.

Minimum effort

The CryptoShock project was created to automate all complex processes as much as possible.

Support and free training

We will show and tell, we will answer all questions. To start using cryptocurrency, you only need your desire.

Profitability of keeping funds in BeeNode coin up to


per annum

  • You need to run a masternode to generate income.
  • The cost of the collateral transaction is 1,000 BNODE.
  • The collateral transaction does not collect coins, they remain yours.
  • Profitability is calculated directly in BeeNode coins.
  • The exchange rate difference is a "premium" component for coin holders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the basic types of questions for our customers. For more information please contact us.


What is a masternode?

Masternode is an ordinary coin wallet that contains a collateral transaction for 1000 BNODE and does the job of maintaining and controlling the coins network. To run a masternode, you need a resource with a dedicated Ipv4 network address, constantly working and accepting external connections. And it has a cost, so the reward for finding a new block is divided between the miner who has the necessary equipment for mining and by the masternode holder in equal shares.


What is a collateral transaction?

1000 BeeNode coins are sent by a specially executed transaction from their wallet to their own wallet, when this transaction enters the blockchain, your wallet acquires masternode status, enters the queue for the payment of rewards and begins to perform the work of maintaining the network coins. You can pick up these 1000 coins at any time, but you will immediately lose the masternode status and You will no longer receive new rewards. Everything that had come before would be in your full controll.


When will the investment be returned?

This is a very frequently asked question, but not meaningful. When creating a collateral transaction, you Do not send your funds to anyone, they remain with you and you continue to control them. Therefore, the simplest answer to this question is: Your funds do not leave you and accordingly they cannot be returned, they are always with you. By analogy, one can add that you purchased foreign currency, removed it to the safe, but at the same time its quantity increasing by 12% per year.


How to maintain a masternode?

The masternode itself requires almost no maintenance, you just need to produce updates when a new version is released. We, as developers, do not have access to your wallet and accordingly, we cannot automatically update it. But the release of new versions does not occur so often that it is inconvenient. The question remains timely payment for the VPS server, where the masternode wallet is directly located, but also there are automation possibilities here - for example, auto payment. By the way, masternodes are installed on the CryptoShock platform, are updated without user participation, in this case we have such opportunity.


What is the rate of the coin?

The algorithm for generating new coins has an automatic mechanism aimed at maintaining the deficit of free coins on the market, which inevitably leads to an increase in the rate. Analytical studies carried out by professional traders confirm that the coin BeeNode, having the greatest potential for growth in value, will move in an upward trend. We remind you that an uptrend contains both an upward movement and corrective components of the behavior of the graph of the value of the coin. In other words, three steps forward, one back.


When will this rate be reached?

Our main rule is honesty. This rule was in priority as at the moment of "birth" BeeNode coins, this priority will also be observed by us throughout the life of the coin. We will pass this rule on to our descendants, who will continue to develop the coin further. Therefore, the coin rate does not have an artificial component. The exchange rate is set and constantly growing coin community. How quickly the community will move the value of the coin up, we We cannot answer, we are only absolutely sure that the price will be there.

CryptoShock Platform Ecosystem

The CryptoShock platform is designed to automate complex processes and provide additional services from the point of view of most users.

Exchange service

Direct sale-purchase of the BeeNode coin between platform participants. The platform acts as a guarantor of the transaction.

Masternode installation service

The most automated masternode installation process for platform participants. Automatic maintenance of the current version of the wallet.

Online wallet

Send, receive and store coins without setting up a local wallet. Allows you to use all the features of the CryptoShock platform.

Showcase of goods and services

Buy or sell goods and services with BeeNode. This is the first step towards the implementation of plans to launch the Mall.

Service for payment for goods and services

BeeNode instant exchange for goods or services. Service for members of the consumer cooperative "Finance Consulting"

Public education service

Authors of educational materials of any subject will be able to place an offer to exchange their course for the BeeNode coin.